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Our aim is to offer high quality products, through innovation, tradition and experience. We are located in the heart of Tuscany’s Maremma region, amidst the hills dotted with streams and woodland, in the land of the Etruscans and close to the sea. Our passion for wine combines with tranquility, relaxation and respect for the environment.


Stay in one of our boutique residences and sample our produce; enjoy all of this in our wonderfully exclusive surroundings.

The Cavallini estate covers an area of 330 hectares of vineyards, olive groves, woodland, arable land and pastures. In addition to our hospitality, wine and olive growing, we also rear dairy cows and grow other crops.


Owned by the Ciacci family since 1800, the farm was then inherited by the Pirozzi Lupinacci family, who have invested passion and energy in the estate, and have grown together with it. The younger generations have carried on the family tradition, with enthusiasm and with pride.


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